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PSC Push/Pull poles mainly focus on aiding hands-free guiding and roots for hands-free safety. It helps in safely guiding,spotting and landing of suspended tools. It further helps in manoeuvring drill pipes, snagging of taglines and sling legs etc. though its main work is to protect you from pinch/crush points and areas.

Push/Pull Poles – What are these ?

For Hands-Free Guiding of Crane, Fork Lift Loads & Retrieving Taglines Push pull poles aid in “Hands-Free” Guiding, spotting and landing suspended loads, maneuvering drill pipe and all types of tubular on pipe racks or on the platform, snagging taglines and sling legs, etc.

Push pull poles provide a safety zone to personnel to manoeuvre and guide suspended loads while avoiding pinch points and crush points. With these use of these tools workers do not place themselves in danger by working in an unsafe proximity to hazardous suspended loads.

There are over a dozen varieties available from different manufacturer’s worldwide including the well known Stiffy™, PSC Shove‐it™ and PSC LoadGuider from India, and few from other countries. These are made out of hardwood, aluminum or fiberglass with variations with heads made out of rubber, nylon, aluminum, etc


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