PSC Load-It Mag Head Tool

The PSC Load-It™  Mag Head Tool (PSC-LIT-MAG008) is a 4-foot fiberglass pole with a pivoting magnet (rated for #80 lbs.) to guide steel plates and steel structural products. This is an extendable telescopic pole that extends up to 8 feet long. It has a threaded locking mechanism that can be used to lock at any length until it gets unthreaded induced by a massive push load.


180-degree swivel head option, rated at 80 lbs. force for guiding applications


Fixed 90-degree Magnet Head, rated at 80 lbs. force for guiding applications

These have the same characteristics as PSC Load-it™  but with a Magnetic Head for guiding steel plates and other structural materials.

  • Lightweight Aluminium Pole
  • Detachable Head Mechanism
  • Magnet Head Rated at #80 lbs
  • Fixed 90-degree Head option and Pivoting 180-degree Head Option

The PSC Load-It Mag Head Tool is designed to solve some common challenges in industrial settings:

  • 🛠️ Effortless Guiding: Say goodbye to struggling with heavy steel plates and structural products! The pivoting magnet on our tool makes it easy to guide and maneuver them into place with precision and ease.
  • 🔒 Secure Locking: No more worrying about the pole slipping or collapsing unexpectedly! Our tool features a threaded locking mechanism that securely locks at any desired length, providing stability and peace of mind during use.
  • 💪 Reduced Strain: With its extendable telescopic design, our tool helps workers reach and guide materials without the need for excessive bending or stretching, reducing strain and fatigue on the body.


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