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High Performance Specialty Rolling Mill products from Konasol

Our Rolling Mill product range are designed to outlast conventional SG Iron and D2 materials and increase maintenance intervals and downtime.

It’s time to focus on production and not downtime!

PSC Konasol Catalog

Using our products designed for high-speed bar and rod mills reduces downtime with longer maintenance intervals low wear rates and longer production uptime. Our HSS rolls can outperform a conventional SG Iron roll by 2.5 to 4 times. TiC Guide Rollers perform 5-10 times better than D2 materials with a low density and extremely low wear rate. FT9 Pinch Rolls can provide 3-8 times better life than D2 in the same rolling conditions and do not require any cooling water for braking pinch roll applications. Hirex from Konasol contains special alloys for low wear for any applications and components requiring better wear resistance.

Composite Roll

Guide Roller

Pinch Roll

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