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Saving your time with our Rig Surplus Inventories

With our Team and tested sourcing expertise.

End to End Supply, Repair, and Maintenance Solutions

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for your marine and offshore consumables and equipment needs. Our services encompass supply, repair, and maintenance, ensuring that your projects receive the utmost attention and expertise.

With a commitment to competitive pricing and localized service, we guarantee cost-effective and efficient support. Trust us to deliver excellence in every aspect of your marine and offshore operations.

This Is What Makes Us Different

We ensure flexible solutions with a range of 100+ Trusted Brands with a specific focus on product quality and usage reputation.

Availability of 1900+ Product Range decreases your Product Downtime and increases the speed of operations.

We already serve 250+ customers worldwide, based on their personal specifications and requirements.

PSC is trusted

PSC is trusted by some of the industry names.
Some clients we have successfully delivered.

Our Clients

Explore the success stories of our satisfied clients and discover the impact of PSC's hands-free safety tools in enhancing workplace safety

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers

Discover the valuable partnerships that drive PSC's commitment to quality and innovation with our trusted suppliers

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