PSC Guide-it Push Pull Tool

PSC Guide-it™ Hand Safety Tool  is a simple easy-to-use Hand-Safety Tool to keep hands and feet away from pinch and crush injuries when guiding suspended loads. A robust fiberglass pole with a nylon head allows personnel to push and guide suspended loads to their final place, without taking them too close to the load to avoid caught-between struck-by hazards.

This push pull pole assists in “Hands-Free” Guiding, spotting, and landing suspended loads, maneuvering drill pipe and all types of tubular on pipe racks or on the platform, snagging taglines and sling legs, etc.

PSC Guide-It™  Hand Safety Tool assists personnel to maneuver and guide suspended loads while avoiding pinch points and crush points. With the use of these tools, workers do not place themselves in danger by working in unsafe proximity to hazardous suspended loads.

  • Lightweight (less than 2 kgs), equipped with an ergonomic non-slip D handle.
  • Material – robust fiberglass pole with a nylon head
  • Tested to 200 kgs Push & 100 kgs Pull Loads

The PSC Guide-It Push/Pull Tool is the solution to several workplace safety challenges:

  • 👐 Hands-Free Safety: No more risking your hands and feet near pinch and crush hazards! Our lightweight tool keeps you safely away from suspended loads, preventing potential injuries.
  • 💪 Easy Maneuvering: With its ergonomic non-slip D handle and robust fiberglass pole, our tool makes it effortless to push and guide loads to their destination without getting too close to the danger zone.
  • 📏 Versatile Sizes: Whether you’re working with shorter or longer loads, we’ve got you covered! Our tool comes in four different sizes to suit various applications, ensuring flexibility and convenience on the job.
  • Upgrade to the PSC Guide-It Push/Pull Tool for safer, more efficient load guiding, and keep your workers out of harm’s way!
42″, 50″, 72″, & 96″

# PSC-GIT-42

# PSC-GIT-50

# PSC-GIT-72

# PSC-GIT-96

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