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Hand Free Safety Tools

Stay safe without a hassle with our World class Hands-Free Safety Tools, changing the game for workplace protection

What do we mean by Hands-Free Safety??

Hands-free safety means personnel avoid touching a suspended load connected to a mechanical lifting device. This includes not making contact with any part of the body during the lifting process or before the load is safely set down with released potential energy. Keeping it hands-free for a safer workplace.

Hands-free safety - Need of the hour

Over half of workplace injuries are hand-related. Adopting safer lifting methods, tools, and practices can sharply cut, if not eliminate, these incidents.
Hands-Free lifting aims to safeguard against hand and finger injuries by keeping them clear of potential harm, reducing risks of caught-between, struck-by, and struck-against incidents.
Hands and fingers are irreplaceable tools. Preserve them—there are no spare parts.

What is Hands-Free Lifting ?

Hands-free lifting is the practice of personnel refraining from direct contact with a suspended load connected to a mechanical lifting device. This includes any suspended load during the lifting process or before it is securely set down, ensuring the release of all potential energy.

Why Hands-Free Lifting ?

Over 50% of workplace injuries are related to hand injuries, highlighting the significant risk involved. Hands-Free Lifting is the safer method of handling suspended loads, along with improved apparatus, practices, and tools, can minimize or eliminate many of these injuries.

Objective of Hands-Free Lifting -

The main goal is to eliminate hand and finger injuries by keeping them away from energy sources, preventing caught-between, struck-by, and struck-against incidents.


Prioritizing Safety in Every Industry: Discover Our Products!


A tagline is like a rope connected to a load when lifting, helping a worker steer and prevent the load from swinging or spinning. Sometimes, more than one tagline is needed for complete control.


Push/pull poles create a safe space for workers to guide suspended loads, preventing injuries from pinch and crush points. These hands-free tools keep workers away from unsafe zones when dealing with hazardous suspended loads.


Hands-off tools are tools designed to keep your hands safe by allowing you to perform tasks without direct contact or proximity to potential hazards.


Tagline retriever tools assist in safely fetching taglines without workers having to get too close to the load, ensuring their safety.


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