A simple design that acts as an extension of the body to move, push, or reposition loads, keeping hands and fingers out of the danger zone by avoiding crush and pinch points along with sustained control of the load being positioned.

The PSC Load-It™  positioning tool can be used for a multitude of jobs like an extension to move, push, or reposition unsuspended items and equipment, grab taglines, wire cables or slings, safely guide, maneuver, and position loads like gratings, finished steel products master links, flanges, and other heavy components.

PSC Load It™  also ensures relaxed body posturing while usage to reduce the risk of back injuries due to manual load stress.

  • Light Weight
  • Simple Design
  • Maintains control
  • Keeps hands away from injuries
  • Custom made S-head/ M-head

The PSC Load-It Push/Pull Pole is a simple yet powerful solution to several common workplace challenges:

  • 👐 Hands-Free Safety: Keep your hands safely away from potential injury zones while manipulating suspended items and equipment. The PSC Load-It pole acts as an extension of your hand, allowing you to push, pull, and reposition loads with ease.
  • ⚖️ Maintains Control: With its lightweight and straightforward design, the PSC Load-It pole gives you precise control over positioning tasks. Say goodbye to awkward lifting and struggling to maneuver heavy components – now you can handle them effortlessly.
  • ⏱️ Time-Saving: No more wasted time or energy on manual repositioning! The PSC Load-It pole streamlines tasks like guiding, maneuvering, and positioning loads, helping you get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • 💪 Reduced Risk of Injury: By promoting relaxed body posturing and minimizing the need for manual lifting, the PSC Load-It pole helps reduce the risk of back injuries and strain caused by manual load stress. Stay safe and comfortable while you work!
  • Upgrade to the PSC Load-It Push/Pull Pole for safer, more efficient handling of suspended items and equipment.
2 ft, 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft
# PSC-LIT-S002
# PSC-LIT-S004
# PSC-LIT-S006
# PSC-LIT-S008
# PSC-LIT-S0010
# PSC-LIT-M002
# PSC-LIT-M004
# PSC-LIT-M006
# PSC-LIT-M008
# PSC-LIT-M0010
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