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    With over $4 million in annual revenues which comes from making your workplaces safer, we are now completely invested in your safety.Partner with us in this initiative to give your people what they deserve to make them go home safe, only the best . After all, that’s what you expect from them at work as well.

    global offices

    As a partner of corporates, Liquid has more than 9,000 offices of all sizes and all potential of session.


    290 Maryam Sprins 260,
    Courbevoie, Paris, France

    +47 213 5941 295


    37 Valentin Rapids Apt.
    Tokyo, Japan

    +17 113 6946 36


    82 Bernie Greens Apt.
    London, UK

    +36 213 5941 295

    New York

    21 Valentin Rapids Apt. New Jersey, NYC

    +47 213 5941 295

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