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Asia’s Major Rope, Soap And Dope Store

With over 750+ products in its stocking range, Project Sales Corp. is undoubtedly Asia’s Major oilfield Ropes, Soaps, and Dopes store. A comprehensive Rig Essential Line.

We invest in your safety

In our extensive inventory, we prioritize crucial items in MRO, Tools, Safety, and Rig Essentials. Whether you're managing a rig or supplying to oilfields, sourcing from us guarantees swift service for your end users.

Consolidating your purchases with us not only simplifies the process but also highlights our dedication to speedy and dependable service, fostering a seamless and trustworthy partnership. Our commitment to efficiency, combined with a diverse product range, ensures that your procurement needs are met comprehensively.

Partnering with us means more than just transactions; it signifies a reliable and collaborative association built on mutual trust and satisfaction.

Experience excellence not only in products but also in our service delivery.

Discover our extensive collection of hands-free safety tools designed to minimize or eliminate workplace hand injuries. Whether in offshore or onshore settings, our comprehensive range has you covered.

Rest easy with our trusted brands, sourced from renowned global manufacturers, with many imported from countries like the U.S. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our competitive pricing, ensuring you receive tools that are not only robust and resilient but also backed by a top-notch QA team.

Brands on Rope Soap Dope



V12 Footwear


Categories on Rope Soap Dope

Face Protection

Ear Protection

Eye Protection

Lubricants & Sealants

PSC is trusted

PSC is trusted by some of the industry names.
Some clients we have successfully delivered.

Our Clients

Explore the success stories of our satisfied clients and discover the impact of PSC's hands-free safety tools in enhancing workplace safety

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers

Discover the valuable partnerships that drive PSC's commitment to quality and innovation with our trusted suppliers

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