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The Helideck Lighting Project

Sourcing Challenge

Our client, a major player in the offshore industry, faced a daunting sourcing problem. They needed specialized equipment for the 'H' and 'C' segments, as well as the HAPI (Helicopter Approach Path Indicator) system rated for Ex Zone. The client's requirements were clear: sourcing the right safety equipment at the right cost, and most importantly, within a tight schedule of just 4 weeks.

PSC’s Solution

PSC stepped in as the trusted partner to meet our client's requirements. With our extensive network and expertise in safety equipment sourcing, we were well-prepared to take on the challenge.

Product Expertise: We understood the critical importance of sourcing Ex Zone-rated equipment for helideck safety. Drawing on our knowledge and connections in the industry, we identified Q-Aviation B.V. as the supplier with the perfect solution.

Timely Sourcing: Time was of the essence, and we were committed to delivering on schedule. Leveraging our efficient supply chain, we swiftly sourced the required equipment, ensuring it met all safety standards and regulations.

Installation Partner: To ensure a seamless process, we partnered with a local installation expert. This collaboration allowed us to facilitate the equipment's smooth installation on the rig.

The Outcome

The 'H' and 'C' segments, along with the HAPI system, were sourced, delivered, and installed within the tight 4-week timeline. The client now has a helideck equipped with top-notch safety equipment, ensuring the safety of their personnel and helicopter operations.

Personalized sourcing solutions for you

Through our Decade experience of in sourcing the right product at the right cost, we deliver it within the stipulated time frame with our supplier networks and logistics. Delivering you personalized equipment for your business success.

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