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PSC Pipe Stabbing Guide

PSC Pipe Stabbing Guides are handling tools used in the oil and gas industry that help operators align two separate sections of drill pipe, tubing, or casing for male-to-female connections. The positive-grip handles keep hands clear of stabbing connections, which provides an extra margin of safety to drilling personnel and decreases the risk of damage to the pipe connection threads. Available in 3 sizes Pipe ID 3”, 5” and 5-1/2”

PSC Guide-It Load Handling Tool

The V-shaped attachment of the tool engages with the corner of containers and baskets which allows a suspended load to be stabilized by exerting a pushing action. Its unique angled design acts as a locking mechanism providing the handler with maximum control over the suspended load. Also, it has an angled U-shaped attachment that facilitates the 4-inch box iron frames of open baskets and power packs.

PSC GasGrab

The tool can be used for lifting & moving gas cylinders. It is made from Die-Cast Aluminum and is planned to be light (2kg) and rigid without compromising its strength. The durable, warm-touch coating improves operator safety and comfort.​

PSC Drill Pipe Connection Guide

This tool consists of two identical parts that clamp around the drill pipe when operated by two personnel. This provides maximum stability for the drill stand when engaging with the stand set in the rotary slips. Each part is fitted with wrist lanyards to reduce any risk of dropping the tool down the hole while also fitted with a quick disconnect device to prevent any risks to personnel limbs associated with rotating equipment.

PSC Guide-It Pipe Grab Tool

For use in the movement of a suspended larger pipe, drill tools, bulk hoses, and BOP service lines, the 10″ Pipe Grab Tool perfectly bulk hoses and BOP service lines. This tool perfectly complements the existing use of taglines by providing exceptional control of the load and flexibility to the handler in the movement and landing of large-diameter pipe

PSC Guide-It Set Back Tool

PSC Guide-It Set Back Tool is a double U-shaped attachment, one forward facing and one rear facing to facilitate the stabilization of a suspended drill pipe of up to 5 ⁄ inches in a vertical position. Allowing easy exchange from a push/pull function, giving the user maximum control over the load.​
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