PSC Guide-It Pipe Grab Tool

For use in the movement of a suspended larger pipe, drill tools, bulk hoses, and BOP service lines, the 10″ Pipe Grab Tool perfectly bulk hoses and BOP service lines. This tool perfectly complements the existing use of taglines by providing exceptional control of the load and flexibility to the handler in the movement and landing of large-diameter pipe

The PSC Guide-It Pipe Grab Tool solves some key challenges in handling large pipes and equipment:

  • Enhanced Control: Maneuvering large pipes and equipment can be difficult and risky. The Pipe Grab Tool provides exceptional control, allowing handlers to precisely position and guide the load with ease.
  • Flexibility: Traditional methods of moving large diameter pipes often lack flexibility, making it hard to adjust during the operation. With the Pipe Grab Tool, handlers have the flexibility to adjust their movements and land the pipe safely and accurately.
  • Safety: Handling heavy and bulky materials like pipes can pose safety risks to workers. The Pipe Grab Tool helps mitigate these risks by providing a secure grip and reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries during movement and landing.
  • Upgrade to the PSC Guide-It Pipe Grab Tool for smoother and safer handling of large pipes and equipment on your worksite!
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