PSC GasGrab

The tool can be used for lifting & moving gas cylinders. It is made from Die-Cast Aluminum and is planned to be light (2kg) and rigid without compromising its strength. The durable, warm-touch coating improves operator safety and comfort.​

The PSC GasGrab solves several common problems associated with lifting and moving gas cylinders:

  • Safety Concerns: Lifting and moving gas cylinders can be hazardous due to their weight and awkward shape. The PSC GasGrab’s lightweight yet sturdy design reduces the risk of strain or injury to operators, enhancing overall safety.
  • Comfort Issues: Handling heavy gas cylinders can be uncomfortable, especially if they have sharp edges or rough surfaces. The durable, warm-touch coating of the PSC GasGrab improves operator comfort during use, making the task more manageable and less fatiguing.
  • Efficiency Improvements: Traditional methods of lifting and moving gas cylinders may be inefficient or cumbersome, leading to wasted time and effort. The PSC GasGrab’s efficient design streamlines the process, allowing operators to move cylinders more quickly and with greater ease.
  • With its innovative features and thoughtful design, the PSC GasGrab offers a reliable solution to the challenges of lifting and moving gas cylinders, making the task safer, more comfortable, and more efficient for operators.


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