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PSC Guide-it Push Pull Tool

PSC Handle-Tech Pipe Handles is the latest product in PSC’s hands-free safety range.  In many industries, like fracking, for example, there might be dozens of guys dragging pipe and hose around the fields all day long. The hoses are usually too wide to get your hands around. They may be under high pressure, or even filled with hazardous gas or chemicals. The only way to move them is to bend down, hug them to your body, and walk while dragging them – often over muddy, wet, slippery, or icy terrain. It’s very awkward and unwieldy. You hear about a lot of hand injuries, back injuries, falls, hoses decoupling and hitting people, and other accidents.

 A simple handle that could be locked onto any hose or pipe, enabling the worker to move the hose while standing in a more natural position, almost as easily as carrying a suitcase. The handles make it so much easier and so much safer, that people will not want to move any hoses or pipes by hand ever again.

  • Retrieve taglines Maneuver drill pipes, tubulars, and other suspended loads.​

Remember these poles are for pushing and pulling in place of your hands and arms, they are not crowbars for prying. It is recommended that an employee is completely under control and balanced when operating the tool to guide the suspended load. Please check the tools periodically for any damage during operations, if found, discard the tool.

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