Honeywell XC Hydroshield Safety Glasses

Brand: UVEX

Uvex Genesis XC Safety Glasses offers an economical, all-in-one protective eyewear solution for workers who wear prescription glasses. These glasses have all the same comfort and adjustment features as our best-selling Genesis product line but include an optional Rx lens insert that holds prescription lenses. 

This effectively turns the Genesis XC model into prescription safety glasses (and if tinted, prescription sunglasses). They can accommodate a wide variety of Rx needs, including bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses. And the simple screw closure can easily fit prescriptions ranging from +3.0 to -3.0 diopters. The traditional Genesis wraparound design has also been extended by approximately 20% to provide extra protection for prescription lenses (now more than 180° of peripheral coverage). Built with MMT (Multi-Material Technology), these safety glasses offer the highest available impact safety: military V0 ballistic test protection against impact energies 7X higher than ANSI requirements (on select tints). They are also certified to meet CSA Z94.3 standards. Some Genesis XC models also feature an advanced TPE frame formulation that performs exceptionally well in environments where chemical mist, cutting oils and high moisture are present.

  • RX-READY: Optional Rx lens insert securely holds prescription lenses including bifocals, trifocals & progressives; easy lens replacement allows for multiple lens tints & extends eyewear life
  • LENS TINTS FOR ANY TASK: Uvex lens tint applications include sun & glare reduction, fluorescent/halogen/sodium lamp low light areas, indoor/outdoor transition, welding and traffic signal recognition
  • PERMANENT LENS COATINGS: Uvex lens coatings deliver long-lasting anti-fog & anti-scratch performance; permanent bonding to the lens prevents wash/wear off even after extended use or repeated cleanings
  • SAFETY: Extended wraparound lens for up to 20% more cheek/side coverage than standard Genesis model; select tints meet military V0 ballistic impact standards (7X ANSI requirements); CSA Z94.3 approved
  • Ideal for workers who require prescription safety glasses.
  • Provides a convenient all-in-one protective eyewear solution.
  • Accommodates a wide variety of prescription needs, including bifocals and progressives.
  • Offers enhanced protection for prescription lenses with extended wraparound design.
  • Suitable for environments with chemical mist, cutting oils, and high moisture.
  • Certified to meet CSA Z94.3 standards for safety compliance.
  • Optional Rx lens insert securely holds prescription lenses.
  • Lens tints available for various tasks, including sun/glare reduction and indoor/outdoor transition.
  • Permanent lens coatings for long-lasting anti-fog and anti-scratch performance.
  • Select tints meet military V0 ballistic impact standards for maximum safety assurance.


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