Bilsom™ 303 Disposable Earplugs

Bilsom™ 303 Disposable Earplugs by Bilsome feature polyurethane foam that gently expands in the ear canal, reducing pressure and providing a comfortable fit. The smooth, soil-resistant skin prevents dirt build-up, while the tapered bullet-shaped design makes them easier to roll down and insert, ensuring even adaptation to the ear canal.

  • Made from polyurethane foam for gentle ear canal expansion.
  • Smooth, soil-resistant skin prevents dirt build-up for hygiene.
  • Tapered bullet-shaped design for easy rolling and insertion.
  • Provides even adaptation to the ear canal for a comfortable fit.
  • Disposable earplug design for convenience and hygiene.
  • Effectively reduces pressure in the ear canal for comfort.
  • Suitable for individuals with varying ear sizes and shapes.
  • Provides reliable noise reduction in loud environments.
  • Bullet plug shape for easy handling and insertion.
  • Manufactured by Bilsome for quality assurance.
  • Ideal for use in noisy environments to protect hearing.
  • Suitable for industrial settings, construction sites, and workshops.
  • Provides effective noise reduction for workers operating loud machinery.
  • Perfect for concerts, festivals, and other recreational activities.
  • Recommended for use during travel to minimize exposure to loud noises.
  • Helps promote better sleep by blocking out unwanted noise.
  • Suitable for individuals with sensitive ears or sensory issues.
  • Convenient for use in environments where hygiene is important.
  • Helps increase focus and concentration by reducing distracting noises.
  • Suitable for both professional and personal use.
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