AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-185

Brand : ANSELL

Fewer risks: With no inner cotton flocking, AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-185 chemical-resistant gloves present lower lint contamination risks
Specialized protection: Their high-performance nitrile compound composition grants them EN 374 Type A chemical protection, shielding up to the elbow
Improved durability: This nitrile make-up also ensures EN and ANSI level 4 abrasion protection, making them suitable for heavy-duty cleaning
Elevated comfort: AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-185 industrial gloves are also highly comfortable and dexterous
Food handling compliance: They comply with both EU and FDA regulations for food handling

  • No cotton flocking: PPE gloves with reduced lint contamination risks
  • Nitrile compound composition: EN 374 Type A chemical resistance levels
  • Durable material: ANSI and EN level 4 abrasion resistance


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