Dropsafe Matting

The Dropsafe Matting is a PVC, certified slip-resistant drops prevention system for use on worksite walkways and flooring. The Matting provides slip and fall prevention in the workplace.

  • Excellent drainage ability
  • Custom colours and thicknesses available
  • Proven anti-fatigue properties
  • Two-layer grid prevents small items from dropping
  • Made from recycled material and 100% recyclable
  • Four-year warranty

How the Dropsafe Matting Works

The Dropsafe Matting is a PVC drops prevention system for use on worksite walkways and flooring offering high-quality workplace fall and dropped object prevention. Developed in partnership with Plastex Matting, who have over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing high quality matting. The two layer open grid construction prevents small items dropping from walkways or platforms above, and minimises slip and fall injuries in the workplace. The diamond cut pattern offers a high-traction, anti-slip surface, preventing workplace slips, falls and dropped objects.

The system is laid on walking working surfaces situated at height. It is strong and hard-wearing, designed for use in harsh environments both on- and offshore. With high levels of resistance to both UV and chemical, oil and acid, the Dropsafe Matting system is the perfect addition to any industrial setting looking to elevate their safety programme and eliminate slip and fall accidents at work.

  • Made from non-porous PVC
  • Certified slip resistant
  • Chemical, oil & acid resistant
  • Contours to uneven surfaces
  • High UV resistance Suitable for harsh environments
  • Available in 33′ rolls (other sized available upon request)
  • revents slips, trips, and falls on worksite walkways and flooring.
  • Ideal for use in industrial settings to minimize workplace accidents.
  • Provides effective fall and dropped object prevention.
  • Suitable for both onshore and offshore environments.
  • Offers high-traction, anti-slip surface to prevent accidents.
  • Contours to uneven surfaces for versatile application.
  • Helps elevate safety programs in harsh working conditions.
  • Customizable colors and thicknesses available.
  • Excellent drainage ability for added safety.
  • Proven anti-fatigue properties for enhanced worker comfort.


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