Ansell Pvc Apron

Brand : Ansell

  • These  heavy duty PVC aprons feature 18mil die cut PVC and offer users a combination chemical splash protection and flexible comforts
  • 48 inch ties and sealed grommets provide a durable, consistent and adjustable fit on all sizes and styles
  • Reliable Protection
    Wherever oil, grease and chemicals are present, Ansell aprons help workers keep clean and protected from harmful contact
    PVC (Vinyl) aprons traditionally offer excellent protection where splashes from acids and caustic bases are a concern
  • Durable
    The PVC construction is flexible yet offers resistance to abrasion and puncture
    Sealed grommets with adjustable tiesallow for size adjustment without tear-out
  • Comfort and Selection
    Bib styles in two sizes with adjustable ties ensure optimal fit for a wide range of users


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