Dropsafe Barrier

The Dropsafe Barrier is a robust and versatile modular safety barrier system for the prevention of Dropped Object incidents. To see the versatility of the Dropsafe Barrier System, check out our Case Studies.

  • Instant safety solution compliant with relevant standards
  • Fast & easy installation with minimal tools
  • Fully tested & certified
  • Closes gap in human error
  • Fully recyclable

How the Dropsafe Barrier solution works

When work is taking place at height, items such as tools, hard hats, two-way radios and maintenance equipment can fall through open guardrailing, stairways and elevated work platforms.

The Dropsafe Barrier is a modular barrier system, consisting of impact and heat-resistant panels, with small a honeycomb aperture.

The versatile dropped object barrier solution attaches along the inside of the guardrailing of elevated walkways, stairways and access ways of permanent or temporary structures, using a universal attaching system. In doing so, the Dropsafe Barrier is a safe barrier solution that prevents loose items slipping through cracks and falling from height.

Click here to read a number of Case Studies showcasing the versatility of the Dropsafe Barrier System.

The Dropsafe Barrier is reccommended by both DROPS online and SfS as Drops Prevention best practice.


  • High impact resistance
  • Small mesh aperture
  • Designed for high winds
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • revents slips, trips, and falls on worksite walkways and flooring.
  • Ideal for use in industrial settings to minimize workplace accidents.
  • Provides effective fall and dropped object prevention.
  • Suitable for both onshore and offshore environments.
  • Offers high-traction, anti-slip surface to prevent accidents.
  • Contours to uneven surfaces for versatile application.
  • Helps elevate safety programs in harsh working conditions.
  • Customizable colors and thicknesses available.
  • Excellent drainage ability for added safety.
  • Proven anti-fatigue properties for enhanced worker comfort.


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