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Taglines or restraint lines must be used when rotation or swinging of the load is or may become hazardous or if the load needs guidance. In brief, loads requiring continuous manual guidance while in motion shall be provided with tag lines, and required tag lines must be used “on loads likely to swing or which need guidance”.

What is Hands-free lifting?

Hands-free lifting occurs when a person does not touch a suspended weight (with any part of their body) that is attached to a mechanical lifting or crane lifting mechanism. This refers to any load that is being lifted or placed down before all potential energy has been released.

Hand injuries account for more than half of all industrial injuries. Many injuries can be reduced, if not eliminated, by employing safer techniques of handling suspended loads and employing safer lifting equipment, work practices, and tools. The goal of hands-free lifting is to prevent any caught-between, struck-by, and struck-against events by removing the energy source from the hands and fingers. Hands and fingers are a tool that allows you to perform amazing things with them, but there are no replacement parts available if you damage them.”


Tool #1 – The Correct Mindset is the most critical tool that money can’t purchase from Project Sales Corp. Accepting and letting go of the natural urge to get near to the rigging and hold it in place until the tension is increased to ensure the load is properly slung and balanced is required. Remember that lifting off and landing is the most dangerous aspect of a lifting operation, therefore stay as far away from the load as possible.

What is a Tagline Rope?

Tagline rope is a safety tool also known as guide rope, rigging tag line, crane tagline, lifting tagline rope , end line, strap line, and pay-off line, depending on where you are in the world, but “Tag line” is the most frequent word for using a piece of rope.

When the load’s rotation or swinging is or may become hazardous, or if the load requires guidance, tag lines or safety restraint lines must be utilized. In summary, loads that require constant manual guiding while in motion must be equipped with anti-tangle tagline rope, and safety tagline must be used “on loads that are liable to swing or that require guidance.”


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