Made of the finest polyester fibers in 14mm diameter with a unique ultra-lightweight 25kN galvanized steel composite swivel hook that opens 2” making it easy to attach to the load and comes with a safety latch.

PSC launched its new PSC Guide It™  Safety Rigger Tagline which is designed to enhance safety and performance during lifting operations. Made of the finest polyester fibers, this 14mm diameter rope features an ultra-lightweight 25kN galvanized steel composite swivel hook with a 2-inch opening, making it easy to attach to the load and ensuring a secure connection. The safety latch adds an extra layer of protection during lifting operations. PSC Guide It™ Safety Rigger Tagline Rope is a quality-tested tagline/rope that a rigger can use to control the swinging and/or rotation of a suspended load, making it an essential tool for any lifting operation where worker safety is a top priority.

  • Its swivel action allows the hook to rotate instead of twisting the tagline, hence enhancing safety during load-guiding operations.
  • Its High viz feature provides better visibility of the rope in low light conditions.
  • Extremely lightweight, the special polyester fibers are reasonably tangle-resistant and strong with their unique construction.
  • PSC-Guide It™  Safety Rigger Taglines conform to EN 353-2:2002 – Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height – Guided Type Fall Arresters including a flexible anchor line.

The PSC Guide It Safety Rigger Tagline is like a superhero in the industrial world, solving big problems with ease:

  • 🔄 No More Tangles: Forget about those annoying tangled ropes! Our tagline is specially designed to stay straight and tangle-free, making your job smoother and safer.
  • 🔆 See Clearly: Even in the darkest corners of your workplace, our tagline shines bright with its high-visibility feature. No more squinting or straining to see – safety is always in sight!
  • 🛡️ Keep it Secure: Safety first, always! With our tagline’s lightweight yet sturdy build and safety latch, you can trust that your loads are held tight and guided securely, preventing accidents along the way.
  • ✅ Meet Standards: We don’t just meet standards; we exceed them! Our tagline is certified to meet EN 353-2:2002 standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re working with top-notch safety equipment.
  • Say hello to smoother operations and safer workdays with the PSC Guide It Safety Rigger Tagline!





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