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The PSC TRT-3P Extendable Tagline Retriever Tool

The main pole is constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass with a high-strength square aluminum internal extending pole. The aluminum pole is equipped with the patent-pending Jiffy-Lock™ system. The JiffyLock system allows the pole to be adjusted in 6” increments and is push/pull tested up to 175 lbs.

When collapsed the safety tool is used to guide and maneuver suspended loads, pull slung loads, and push suspended loads to the final position without the need for the use of hands to do it – making the operations safer. The inner aluminum pole allows the tool to be extended up to 12 feet to retrieve taglines without getting into the red zone under a suspended load.

Remember these poles are for pushing and pulling in place of your hand and arm, they are not crowbars for prying. The aluminum head will pull/break off the pole at approximately 300 lbs of pushing/pulling force. If they do snap, it’s a soft and non-violent break. The new PSC TRT-3P Extendable Tagline Retriever Tool and Push Pull Pole is a utility pole that is 6ft long when fully collapsed and extends up to 12ft in 6” increments.

It is recommended that an employee is completely under control and balanced when operating. Also, do not use near-energized lines due to the risk of electric shocks.

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