The PSC FingerSaver is a finger safety tool designed to reduce the risk of hand and finger injuries in the workplace. This innovative tool keeps your hands away from the impact of the hammer on the flogging spanner and from pinch points when using impact wrenches, minimizing the risk of finger injuries. The 3G version of the FingerSaver is available in Standard 350 mm, Long 900 mm, and Compact 295mm. This finger-saver tool offers support equivalent to that of hands and fingers, and its design is carefully considered and tested on typical applications and users where large spanners and flogging spanners are used on nuts and bolts.



 At PSC, we are committed to promoting finger safety and helping the onshore and offshore sectors of the Oil and gas Industry become safer places to work. Our finger injury prevention tools, such as the Finger Saver, are designed to help prevent all hand and finger injuries across your site, ensuring that your workers can return home safely at the end of the day. Whether you’re lifting heavy loads or working with tools that pose a risk of finger injuries, PSC’s Finger Saver can help you work more safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.


  • Body: High-impact Poly Propylene (Orange)
  • Internal Strap: Nitrile (Black) / Poly-Propylene webbing (Black)
  • Carabiner: Galvanised Steel
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Easy to operate
  • Peace of mind for self and co‐worker
  • Simple tool to keep hands away from impact zones
  • Vibration absorbing Non‐slip Rubber Grip

The PSC FingerSaver is here to solve some common workplace problems:

  • 👐 Hand Safety: No more worrying about getting your hands caught in pinch points or hit by hammers! The FingerSaver keeps your hands safely away from impact zones, giving you peace of mind while you work.
  • ⚙️ Tool Support: With the FingerSaver, you get the same level of support as your hands and fingers would provide. It’s like having an extra layer of protection for your tools, ensuring they stay secure and stable during use.
  • 🛠️ Efficiency: Say goodbye to unnecessary injuries and downtime! The FingerSaver’s simple yet effective design makes it easy to operate, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without worrying about hand safety.
  • Upgrade to PSC FingerSaver for a safer and more efficient work experience!
PSC Fingersaver Compact – Length: 295mm Colour: Orange Weight : 164g | PSC Fingersaver Long – Length: 850mm Color: Orange Weight: 650g | PSC Fingersaver Standard – Length: 350mm Color: Orange Weight: 200g




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