PSC EZY-Lift is a simple pipe lifting tool designed to keep the wrist and hand in a neutral position. It avoids strain and prevents pinched fingers and cuts from sharp surfaces. The ergonomic design is to avoid strain when used with proper body positioning and lifting. This is a CNC-cut metal piece covered with a rubberized coating.

We simulated the right way to lift and hold a pipe and this tool is accordingly designed to allow a person to keep the wrist in a neutral position. The use of bare hands as an alternative to holding a pipe at the entry and exit could cause cuts or any other pipe-dropping incident.

*FACT CHECK: Avoid hand and finger injuries while handling pipes. Sharp edges can cause lacerations and cuts. Lifting from surfaces can cause pinched fingers. Improper lifting can cause body strain.



  • PSC EZY-Lift pipe lifter is designed for lifting small pipes by “hands” only.
  •  When holding the pipe please keep your hand at an angle that allows the tool to be a natural extension of your hands.
  •  PSC EZY-Lift is designed to be used as a set of 2 pieces with one person holding at each end of the pipe.
  •  When engaging a pipe please ensure that the lifting arm of the pipe lifter is completely inserted into the pipe.
  •  Wearing appropriate gloves is a must while using the PSC EZY-Lift.
  • PSC EZY-Lift has a rubberized coating for better hand safety.
  • Please keep it clean and carefully, when not in use.
  •  Do refer to your company policies regarding permissible limits for lifting by hand.


  •  PSC EZY-Lift pipe lifter is not designed for mechanical lifting activities. Do not attach hooks, cables, or chains for lifting.
  •  Never use PSC EZY-Lift for OVERHEAD LIFTING! It is designed for hand operation only.
  •  Do not use the PSC EZY-Lift set of 2 pieces for lifting anything over 200 kg by hand.
  •  Do not try to hammer the EZY-Lift onto a thicker pipe other than what it was originally designed.
  • For heavier pipes where 2 people are required to lift on either side please use PSC Double Handle Lift Assist. Please do not modify the tool, like drilling, thinning, hammering, or widening of the mouth or using it as a hammer.
  •  Use this tool for pipe-lifting activities only. Do not use it as a beam-lifting clamp.


  • With the PSC EZY-lift, just slide the tool into the pipe on either end and lift pipes easily, safely, and ergonomically.
  • CNC Machined metal plate coated with a rubberized black paint and the jaw width can handle pipes with thicknesses up to 4-5 mm.
  • Ergonomic and simple to handle.
  • Need to use it as a set of 2 pieces.
  • Reliable & cost-effective.
  • Easy & effective grip mechanism.
  • Productive & uncomplicated tool

The PSC Ezy-Lift Pipe Lifting Tool is the solution to several common problems encountered while handling pipes:

  • 🔍 Avoid Injuries: Say goodbye to hand and finger injuries caused by sharp edges and pinched fingers! The Ezy-Lift tool ensures safe and secure lifting, minimizing the risk of lacerations, cuts, and strains.
  • ⚖️ Prevent Strain: Improper lifting techniques can lead to body strain and discomfort. With the Ezy-Lift tool’s ergonomic design, lifting pipes becomes effortless and strain-free, promoting proper body positioning and reducing the risk of injury.
  • 🛠️ Simplify Handling: No more struggling with awkward lifting methods! The Ezy-Lift tool offers a simple and effective solution for lifting pipes, allowing you to slide it into the pipe on either end and lift with ease.
  • Upgrade to the PSC Ezy-Lift Pipe Lifting Tool for safer, easier, and more ergonomic pipe handling!


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