NILS Dimension Grease, 400 gms Cartridge

NILS Dimension Grease is Lithium complex thickener and synthetic oil based grease. It has excellent mechanical stability, anti wear properties as well as outstanding stability on high temperatures permit to prolong lubricant intervals, if this product is used, up to 3-5 times.

NILS Lithoplex, 400 grms Cartridge

LITHOPLEX is special completely synthetic grease with excellent performances. Characteristics: excellent wear and oxidation resistance; low start resistance even at low temperatures; excellent mechanical stability; insolubility in water; outstanding protection against corrosion; stability on high temperatures

  •  Very good adhesiveness
  •  Oxidation resistance
  •  Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent anti corrosive properties
  • Exceptional behaviour on high temperature.
  • Outstanding resistance to vibrations at heavy load
  • High D/N factor.

DIMENSION GREASE can be used for all types of  journal bearings and roller bearings and is therefore
really universal grease.

LITHOPLEX Grease is suitable for use in applications operating under heavy conditions (for example on continuous high working temperature equipment around +180ºC).

LITHOPLEX is outstanding product formulated for the lubrication of roller and friction bearings, articulated machinery joints, industrial plants, electrical engines bearings, pumps, ventilators, tool mandrels and life lubrication of roller bearings with high rpm value of d/n factor – 11,50,000.


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