Magnaseal Plus Grease for Bop Valves

High performance lubricant with complex base, synthetic PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, with lubrication recycling, non-polluting for use in BOP valves, submerged in fresh water or salt water under the strictest international standards.

The Magnaseal Plus MSP-40 grease is a recommended lubricant in the BOP gate valves. It is used to lubricate bearings during the body cavity lubrication. Magnaseal Plus increases the service life of the valves.

  • High performance lubricant with synthetic PTFE for BOP valves.
  • Formulated with a complex base for optimal lubrication.
  • Designed for use in both fresh water and salt water environments.
  • Features lubrication recycling for sustainable use.
  • Compliant with the strictest international standards for safety and quality.
  • Increases the service life of BOP gate valves.
  • Specifically recommended for lubricating bearings during body cavity lubrication.
  • Lubricating bearings in BOP gate valves.
  • Suitable for body cavity lubrication.
  • Specifically recommended for BOP valve maintenance.
  • Ideal for use in submerged conditions.
  • Designed for fresh water and salt water environments.
  • Ensures optimal performance and longevity of valves.
  • Complies with international standards for safety and quality.


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