Aquashield (Formerly Aqua Lube Grease)

Lubricates – Seals – Inhibits Rust – Waterproof

AQUASHIELD is a multi-purpose lubricant and sealant that is compounded specifically to cling to metal and “O” ring surfaces, provide long term lubrication, and rust protection. It is designed to seal out water and contaminants. Excellent shear stability over long periods. Retains its consistency whether in use or at rest.

AQUASHIELD is extremely effective in any application where bearings or gears are affected by wet conditions such as motors, and valves that must operate in hot or cold water, steam, pool chemicals, or salt water.

Caution :

This is extremely tacky waterproof grease, use gloves to apply as it’s very difficult to wash off. Remember its made to work underwater without washout. We have found that mineral spirits works to remove from hands if you didn’t read the warning first.

ROV/ Manipulator Arms
Water filters
“O” rings


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