Niel-Seal Gasket & Joint Sealing Compound

NIEL-SEAL is a sealing compound for hydrogen cooled Turbo-Generator End-Shield. The joints between the shield halves and the joints between the shields and the stator frame are fitted and provided with grooves for the insertion of Niel-Seal to seal the hydrogen gas in the generator casing. It is a sealant material designed to be injected into a channel to form watertight seal and provide hydrogen sealing in the End-Shield. Available in Medium and Light Weight grades in 5 lb pack and used with special high pressure pumping equipment.

Product Specifications:
Heat Proof, vibration proof, non-solvent, non-shrinking, non-cracking product.
Withstands high temperatures and pressures, resistant to water, gasoline, kerosene, grease, oil, LP and natural gas, glycerine, ethylene glycol, ammonia, etc.
Designed to survive in the harsh environment.
It is highly resistant to contact with solvents, fuels, oils and many industrial chemicals.
Used for gasket dressing in gearboxes, sealing radiator hose connections, pumps, tanks, pressed plates, covers, pans, pipe threads, imperfect or uneven flanges.

Abbey Products were the exclusive manufacturer of Tite-Seal® for Radiator Specialties Corporation (RSC) for over twenty years. After RSC chose to exit the market recently, Abbey decided to continue servicing the market directly under the new brand name ‘Niel-Seal’. Niel-Seal is exactly the same material as Tite-Seal®, it is produced in exactly the same way, with the same raw materials, in the same facility.

  • Hydrogen Gas Sealing Compound
  • Heat and Vibration Resistant
  • Non-Solvent, Non-Shrinking Formula
  • High-Temperature and Pressure Resistance
  • Versatile Industrial Sealant
  • Resistant to Water, Fuels, Oils, and Chemicals
  • Suitable for Gasket Dressing and Sealing
  • Available in Medium and Light Weight Grades
  • Used with High-Pressure Pumping Equipment
  • Continuation of Trusted Tite-Seal® Formula
  • Hydrogen Cooled Turbo-Generator End-Shield Sealing
  • Watertight Seal for Shield Joints
  • High-Temperature and Pressure Resistance
  • Ideal for Gasket Dressing in Gearboxes
  • Seals Radiator Hose Connections Effectively
  • Perfect for Pump and Tank Sealing
  • Reliable Solution for Imperfect Flanges
  • Used with Special High Pressure Pumping Equipment
  • Survives in Harsh Industrial Environments
  • Versatile Sealing Compound for Various Applications


# 04-03925

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