Dropsafe Nets

Introducing the New Dropsafe Nets for dropped object prevention.

The Dropsafe Nets have always been a widely adopted and trusted safety solution, securely enclosing and tethering overhead fixtures to prevent dropped and falling objects. The new Nets are an enhancement of the original range, with additional features to further increase the levels of safety the Dropsafe Nets provide.

  • Instant safety solution
  • Fast & easy installation with no tools required
  • Available in 100+ sizes (custom designs also available)
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Fully encloses & tethers fixtures
  • Fully Recyclable

How the New Dropsafe Nets Work

Dropsafe Nets have always delivered the highest standard of secondary retention for fixtures at height. The new Dropsafe Nets are an evolution of the existing range, with additional features to further increase safety and mitigate the risks dropped objects pose to personnel.

The new Dropsafe Nets have been enhanced with the innovative Trisafe™ Carabiner and RFID enabled Choke Plate. These additions, together with our existing best-in-class features, enable Dropsafe to provide the highest level of dropped object prevention possible.

Enhanced Safety Features

The Trisafe™ Carabiner is a revolutionary design that significantly reduces human error and eliminates the shortcomings of traditional carabiners. Advancing best practice, the Trisafe™ triple action opening, auto locking mechanism is easy to use with one hand, making the Net installation safer, faster, and more intuitive.

The Dropsafe Choke Plate has been updated to include an in-built RFID chip for improved traceability, and a more efficient, simpler inspection. Choke plates are critical in ensuring the securing cable can be pulled tight, enabling the Net to fit snugly around the fixture.

The new Dropsafe Nets are tested and certified to over 5x the Safe Working Load. With more than 100 sizes and installation toggles to ensure an accurate fit, the Nets are all made from SUS 316 stainless steel. These features and the additional enhancements set a new safety standard for Drops prevention.

The New Dropsafe Nets with the Trisafe™ Carabiner are reccommended by both DROPS online and SfS as Drops Prevention best practice.

  • Triple action auto locking Trisafe™ Carabiner
  • In-built RFID chip for improved traceability
  • Toggles ensure a snug fit for all fixture shapes
  • Designed and tested to over 5x Safe Working Load
  • SUS/AISI 316 stainless steel wire and components
  • revents slips, trips, and falls on worksite walkways and flooring.
  • Ideal for use in industrial settings to minimize workplace accidents.
  • Provides effective fall and dropped object prevention.
  • Suitable for both onshore and offshore environments.
  • Offers high-traction, anti-slip surface to prevent accidents.
  • Contours to uneven surfaces for versatile application.
  • Helps elevate safety programs in harsh working conditions.
  • Customizable colors and thicknesses available.
  • Excellent drainage ability for added safety.
  • Proven anti-fatigue properties for enhanced worker comfort.


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