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Energy sources such as gravity, wind and mechanical motion can instigate a sequence of events that result in something falling. Corrosion, lack of awareness and inadequate inspection are the cause of dropped object incident. Statistics show that around 30% of all dropped object incidents are related to design, technical or mechanical issues but almost half can be attributed to human factors.
When dropped from heights, this thing may as well be a falling machete. In some countries, dropped objects account for over 5% of workplace fatalities – deaths that could have been avoided if the proper training and prevention programs had been in place.

Ergodyne Range

  • Squids Tape Measure Trap
  • Power Tool Trap
  • Cold Shrink Trap
  • Squids Self-Adhering Tape Trap
  • Squids Web Tool Tails
  • Squids Single Carabineer Tool Lanyard
  • Squids Wrist Tool Lanyard


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